Pro-TDP Lobby Peddles Morphed Pic, Lands In Trouble

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The pro-TDP lobby that tried to peddle morphed photographs to defame the police is finding itself at the wrong end of the stick. The police have proved that the photos that the activists of the pro-TDP AP Intellectual Forum were circulating claiming that they were of the police physically abuing a woman protester were fake. The forum activists tried to make the pics go viral on the social media. They claimed that these were taken on January 10 at Bandar Road in Vijayawada.

However, investigations showed that the photos were fake. The photos were actually from the 2017 protests at Vijayawada Dharna Chowk against the setting up of aqua park in West Godavari.  The photos were morphed and used against the government's move to have three capitals, including Amaravati. The Andhra Intellectual Forum tried to make them go viral. The police took a serious view of the attempt to malign them by misusing an old photo. The old photo has been morphed, the police complained.

Chalasani Srinviasa Rao, Chalasani Ajay Kumar, Ammineni Sivaprasad and Kottapalli Sitanshu. Now, the Forum and the TDP are trying to find escape routes to save their skin.
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