Priyanka's scooter has wrong registration plate

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Gandhi family member Priyanka Vadra found herself in the midst of a controversy when she pillion rided on a bike whose driver did not sport the mandatory helmet. Priyanka, who wanted to create a photoop for publicity, asked a Congress leader to take her to the house of a retired IPS officer on a bike. The Congress leader, identified as Dhiraj Gurjar. He is co-incharge for UP. They then got a bike from Congress supporter Raj Deep Singh and went to the IPS officer. This news got wide publicity in the media but Gurjar did not wear a helmet, which is a violation of traffic rule.

The police promptly sent a notice to the vehicle owner asking him to pay up Rs 6100 towards the traffic violation. What more, the duo did not follow traffic rules and the number plate of the vehicle was fake. To top it Dhiraj Gurjar did not have a valid driving license. All this data was generated from the integrated traffic management system of the UP police.

Now the Congress is trying to use this as an issue to attack the Government. It said that the fine was imposed due to vendetta. But, the road users of the Lucknow, where the incident occurred, are happy that even VIPs are no spared while imposing challans.
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