Will Priyanka Vadra Fight Against Modi In Varanasi?

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Are these reports real? There is a buzz going around that Priyanka Vadra will take on Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Varanasi. Though no official confirmation has come, Priyanka herself was cryptic in her reply and has said that she was ready to contest from any place the party wants her to.

Now that's a clever answer. For someone in her position and stature, Priyanka can contest from any place of her choice. If she doesn't want, can anybody force her, especially in the Congress, where the Gandhi-Nehru family's sway is complete and absolute? No one would believe this old time stuff that she would abide by what the party says. Those things don't apply for Priyanka Vadra in the Congress.

In the last election, Aam Admi Party's Arvind Kejriwal had contested against Narendra Modi. Though he polled a good two lakh votes, he lost by over 3 lakh. Then the BSP too fought separately. This caused a split of votes. But this time around, it may not happen, especially if Priyanka is the candidate. Also, she might even tie down Modi in Varanasi and stop him from campaigning elsewhere. So, what is Priyanka Vadra's decision? Will she bite the bullet? Will she take on Modi? Let's wait and see for some time so that the picture becomes clearer.
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