Priyanka Answers Fans' Questions About Nick

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are undoubtedly one of the most popular and adorable couples in Bollywood. The power couple never fail to make the audience fall in love.

It is known that social media is a mix of both compliments and trolls. In the same way, Priyanka also got trolled for marrying a man who is younger than her. Recently, she answered a few questions. As a part of it someone shooted a question saying "if she is married to Nick Jonas". Priyanka immediately interrupted and said, " I think a few people knew that I am married to him". Her sense of humor is undoubtedly epic. When another question is if Priyanka was older than Nick, she replied, "Yes, I am. By 10 years, actually". When someone asked if she has a kid, she replied, "no but I want a child someday".

Some people calling her Hindi instead of Hindu and Miss Universe instead of Miss World irked her and said people should Google things before asking. She also showed her tattoo saying that depicts her father's handwriting.