Priyanka Chopra Adds Spice To Husband's Sucker

After marrying her longtime boyfriend Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra moved out to the USA along with the husband. She has been taking up assignments from the USA itself. Now and then, she is shuttling between her home Mumbai and the new home Los Angeles. Meanwhile, her husband Nick Jonas has come up with an exciting music video post their wedding.

The music video is titled as Sucker and Nick teamed up with his two brothers. The song is an instant hit on social media as it is generating a maximum number of views already. The song is currently going viral on the internet with almost 17 million views in a single day on YouTube. The specialty of the video is that Nick's sister-in-laws made their appearance and so was Priyanka.

Priyanka's presence added more spice to the video but the disappointing factor is that there is only one close up shot of her in the video. The craze clearly tells Nick that he should actually do a separate video with Priyanka alone!