Anushka To Be a Mom Soon?

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As per the media reports from Mumbai, the star cricketer and Team India cricket captain Virat Kohli is all set to turn father soon. Going by the rumours, it is heard that Anushka Sharma is pregnant. A couple of latest pictures of the couple are currently trending on the social media and it seems that they have become the reason for the speculations to take a birth.

In the pic which is trending viral, we can spot Anushka Sharma wearing a thick blue gown which is a designer wear. Those who have come across the picture have started spreading the news that she has a baby bump and is due for delivery soon. Even though there is no confirmation on the news, a lot of people are genuinely happy for the couple and are sending out wishes to them on the social media.

The rumour is also being justified with a silly explanation on the social media that Virat Kohli likes kids a lot and is always seen playing around the children of Dhoni, Raina and other cricketers in the time.

Both Kohli and Anushka dated each other for a long time before they officially got married in December last year.

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