Star Hero Fans Need To Hold On To Their Horses!

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These days every star hero fanbase is seen fighting with others. Venkatesh Fans vs Akkineni Fans, Akkineni Fans vs Nandamuri fans, Nandamuri Fans vs Mahesh Fans, Mahesh Fans vs Mega Fans and Mega Fans vs all of them and recently with Saaho Prabhas Fans vs Mahesh fans vs Mega fans also started.

These fan wars go to peak stages with new film updates, collection updates, release day talk, tweets regarding old movies, anniversaries, poke-sters comments, simple rumours and movie updates. On Normal days, trolls do their jobs with many ignoring and some continuing to fight.

All this is done by fans to show their relevance and their identity as the fans of their stars. They have some false prestige attached to liking a star hero and even friends become foes due to these discussions.

Now, Nandamuri Fans vs Mega Fans has always been a big thing as Young Tiger NTR and Superstar Mahesh are seen as directly bid against each other.

With Prashanth Neel meeting both of them and potential projects about him directing both coming out, fans have started war of words trying to say why one is better than other.

As off today, Prashanth is still completing KGF Chapter 2 and it is being made as a Pan-Indian Film after the success of first one. Movie shoot is halted and with the kind of action sequences it has, the shoot will take at least another year to be completed.

It may come for next Christmas in 2020 and Yash is keeping himself busy looking after his pregnant wife and first born kid, until shoot re-starts. So, the fan wars are like the old Telugu saying, "Aalu Choolu Ledu Koduku Peru Somalingam! (The women did not even get married or she isn't pregnant, but she decided her son's name!)"
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