Prashant Kishor's Sharp Counter Over Fake Tweet

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A Fake Tweet was allegedly circulated by the TDP Camp as that of the post placed by YCP Political Strategist Prashant Kishor. Here is the content of the Fake Tweet: 'All the hard work our Team has been doing for past 2 years is now going in vain. Since YS Jagan is not sure of magic figure, he has turned his back and bringing in all the commercials. Working with Jagan Reddy's party will be a regret for a lifetime'.

Prashant Kishor responded seriously on the Fake Tweet which is in circulation. Tagging the Twitter handle of Chandrababu Naidu, The Political Strategist accused TDP Supremo of stooping to the level of circulating fake news after losing trust of the people and faith in their wisdom.

Finally, Prashant Kishor concluded that it's time to say #ByeByeBabu as people of AP have already decided their verdict. He clearly hinted YSR Congress Party will be forming the next government in Andhra Pradesh without any doubt.

Is high voter turnout an indication of anguish on the Ruling Party? Wait till May 23rd, 2019!
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