Prakash Raj To Float New Political Party

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In the 2019 Lok Sabha Polls, Prakash Raj received a tight slap on his face because he managed to secure only around 2 percent of votes contesting as Independent from the Bengaluru Central Constituency. He, however, is in no mood to either give up the fight or have any plans to quit politics.

Much to everyone's shock, Prakash Raj made up his mind to float a political party after facing a shameful defeat in the Lok Sabha Polls. He believes, 'As I am an Independent, A gap has been created between him and the people. That is why I would be floating a new political party soon. Will fight for the rights of Bengaluru People. Within an year, Bengaluru Corporation Polls will be happening. I will filed candidates on behalf of my party in that election'.

Prakash Raj assured that he will continue acting inspite of setting up a political party. 'I need money to run the party. That is why I will be continuing acting,' he asserts.

This Versatile Actor is one of the hardcore critics of PM Narendra Modi. Since the brutal murder of Journalist Gauri Lankesh, He kept voicing his opinion on various issues highlighting the negative angle of the BJP.