Prakash Raj Hits Back At Amit Shah

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Union Home Minister Amit Shah let a serious debate happen with the call of 'One Nation, One Language'. He maintained that India can have several languages but there should be a common language which becomes its identity in the World.

Mr.Shah declared his agenda to make every child in the north eastern part of India learn Hindi. He went on to say Hindi is the one language which can keep the nation together.

Prakash Raj who is a staunch-critic of BJP raised objection to the proposal of Amit Shah. 'I am a Kannadiga who is an Indian..#StopHindiImposition ...MR. Home the disguise of Nationalism...One Religion...One What..#justasking,' he wrote.

People of Southern States have been opposing the attempts of forcible imposition of Hindi on them. Majority of them see it as a strategy to strength the Saffron Party in South India. Telugus, Tamilians, Kannadigas and Keralites aren't gonna approve the 'One Nation, One Language' concept.

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