Pradeep Machiraju To Debut As A Lead With Love Story

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Munna is directing the most popular Telugu male anchor of all-time, Pradeep Machiraju in a film, as a lead.

Anup Rubens is giving music to the film and SV Babu is producing it. The anchor who is looking to turn into a successful lead actor started his career 10 years ago as an RJ.

He later debuted as an anchor on TV when only female anchors were ruling the roost. He created a name for himself so well that he became an inspiration for many.

When he seemed to have slightly gone out of action, he came up with his own production show, Konchem Touch Lo Unte Cheptha and became even more successful.

His combination with Ravi and Sudheer has more fans than his combination with lady anchors. Unlike Ravi and Sudheer, he seems to have come up with a bigger production house and took a script that tries to offer something unique to other films.

Amrutha Aiyer is playing the lady lead in the film. Rana Daggubati unveiled the musical poster of the film, titled, "30 Rojullo Premalo Padatam Ela"

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