Will Baahubali Pair Promote Nishabdam Together?

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Prabhas and Anushka felt awkward with major number of people talking about their personal equation. Both of them, clearly stated that they are friends, but no one really tried to believe them.

After Baahubali, the rumours have gone so popular that the pair stopped being close in front of camera or at public events.

The rumours are still there but the topic has died down completely. But it may again find some life as Kona Venkat and Vishwa Prasad, producers of Nishabdam, want to Prabhas to grace their pre-release event.

They have formally taken an appointment from the actor to meet and discuss about the event, say some sources.

Will Prabhas accept and help his friend out to promote the film? We can't say but he promoted Anushka's previous release, Bhaagamathie, as it was produced by UV Creations.

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