Prabhas Is Rich...Can't Issue Stay Order!

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Prabhas moved the Hyderabad High Court claiming ownership of the 2,083 square yards of land in Raydurg Panmaktha village, Serilingampally Mandal.  He found fault with Revenue Officials for seizing his farmhouse in Survey No. 5/3. Senior Advocate S Niranjan Reddy argued on behalf of Prabhas in this case. Arguments in the land dispute case has come to an end and the judgement has been adjourned.

Government's Counsel S Sarath Kumar informed High Court that the disputed land is actually in Survey No. 46 and it's been identified as Govt Land by the Supreme Court. He complained Prabhas hasn't carried out mutation to claim ownership of the land.

Then, Justice questioned whether Government would handover all the properties in Survey No.46. Govt Counsel informed 84 acres has been recovered so far but influential people have been mounting pressure on officials to change the records. Judge responded, 'We would have taken up the petition even if a poor man complains his house has been seized by the Officials. We might have immediately ordered Officials to vacate the property. Didn't issue a stay in this case because the Petitioner is rich enough to bear the expenses. That doesn't mean we act differently when it comes to crorepatis. We act according to the law irrespective of the financial position of the petitioner'.

Govt Counsel opined Prabhas might have purchased the land assuming it's legal. He even suggested the Young Rebel to approach Civil Court for justice. 'As Govt doesn't want to demolish the farmhouse of Prabhas as of now, No stay should be issued on the seizure'.

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