Will 20 Days Be Enough For Dil Raju And Team?

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The most-awaited comeback film of Pawan Kalyan has been launched recently without much noise. This message-oriented film has some intense sequences which demand a lot from actors.

With Pawan Kalyan being busy with all his political affiliations, many started to wonder about how he will be giving time to this film. Apparently, Pawan will be giving 20 days to complete his part in the film. They will be given randomly as in Pawan comes to shoot whenever he finds time in between his political duties.

Dil Raju and Venu Sriram have a tough task ahead of them as they need to adjust the schedules according to Pawan's dates and need to cope up with his unpredictable nature. Also, the character which Pawan is going to play requires a lot of intensity and we all know that Pawan usually is not at his best during such scenes. So, it will become even tougher for him to get into the character in the midst of all his other priorities.

Hope Dil Raju plans everything perfectly and prevent this film from turning into a hotchpotch.
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