Pooja Hegde still being trolled for that!

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Pooja Hegde at the success event of Ala Vaikuntapurramuloo sang Samajavaragamana in Telugu. Typically, everyone who knew the effort she has put in to sing in Telugu, clapped and praised her.

But netizens are not that loving and forgiving. They tend to ignore some facts and troll as much as they can.

It gives them as much attention as they can crave for and that is the worst part of being a celebrity too. You have to bare the brunt of many unknowns demeaning your effort.

The actress couldn't pronounce the words properly and even couldn't catch the beat as well as a trained singer would. But she tried her level best on a big stage.

Still, no one really cared about it, those who trolled her and even after 4 days, we can still find some or the other person, trying to joke on her singing abilities.

Well, even SPB wouldn't have been so serious about an actress trying to sing on stage as much as netizens are! One must say, there are way more experts who know everything on social media, these days.
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