Poor Ponnala, He Is A Zero On Home Turf Too!!

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He was once a powerful minister and the chief of the PCC in undivided AP. But, today, he is ignored, cornered and even insulted. Ponnala Lakshmaiah today is unable to have his way in the choice of the contestants even in his home town of Janagaon. The party leadership did not even allow him to distribute B forms to the candidates.The job was given to Janagaon DCC president Jagna Raghava Reddy.

The result? Not one of Ponnala's supporters were given tickets. It's a complete white wash. All those given the ticket were Raghava Reddy's supporters. Ponnala is upset and his supporters are livid at this insult. It is clear that some persons do not want Ponnala to stay in the party, said a Ponnala confidant. This is Congress party's way of showing the door to Ponnala. In Janagaon, Raghava Reddy gave two tickets to one family.

Protesting against this, several Ponnala supporters like PCC secretares K Ramulu and D Santosh Reddy have tendered their resignations. They said the Congress was ignoring the BCs. Ponnala supporters went to his residence and addressed a media conference against Reddy.
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