'Political ' Heat Forces Bureaucrats To Go On Leave

Unable to put up with Chandrababu Naidu's antics and to avoid being penalised for attending his meetings when the election code is in progress, more and more bureaucrats are going on long leave. The officials find the situation too hot to handle as Chandrababu, despite the election code, is calling for official review meets. The officials who are attending these meets are getting notices from Chief Secretary LV Subramanyam. The officials, who do not want to get into the crosshairs are preferring to go on long leave.

Chief Commissioner of Taxes, J Shyamala Rao, has proceeded on leave and would be back only after June 14. This means he will be back only after the new government takes over and the ministry is formed. Similarly, Finance Principal Secretary M Ravichandra too would go on leave and would be back just a couple of days before the counting of votes.

Some officials - at least five IAS officials and four IPS officials - who have been blue-eyed boys of Chandrababu Naidu all these five years, are also planning to proceed on leave. Some officials are preferring to go on deputation at the Centre, because the new dispensation could punish them for being biased against the YSRCP.