Police officer divides BJP Ministers

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A police officer has brought vertical split among two BJP ministers. Meerat SP Akhilesh Narayan Singh's comments that those who shout "Pakistan Zindabad" must go to Pakistan have made BJP's sole Muslim minister Mukthar Abbas Naqvi and ultra Hindu face Giriraj Singh speak in exactly opposite tone. While Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi found fault with the SP for asking Muslims to go to Pakistan, Singh said that the SP asked the Muslims to go to Pakistan only after they shouted Pakistan Zindabad slogans. How can anyone be allowed to stay in India if one shouts pro-Pakistani slogans, asked Singh.

Naqvi said the police should have restraint and that their first duty is to protect the law and order. They should not incite the people, he said. But Giriraj Singh supported the SP and said Naqvi might not have known that the people were shouting pro-Pakistan slogans.

Meanwhile BJP MP from Adilabad stirred up a controversy when he said that all those opposing the Citizenship Amendment Bill are Pakistanis. He said CAA was meant to provide citizenship to the oppressed minorities in Pakistan. In another development, the Railways have made it clear that those who have vandalised the railway property in the name of CAA protests will have to pay for the damages.

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