Police confirmed it as a fake rape case

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The recent news of yet another rape case like Disha was going viral on Social media and tv channels. Just like the Disha incident, the minor girl was raped by four men in the city outskirts. But today police revealed that the incident was fake and the girl was not raped.

The police today confirmed that the girl cooked up a fake story and told to their parents. The police interrogated the girl and the girl said the original story. The girl went out with his boyfriend to a cinema and she was afraid to tell that she went out with her boyfriend and she cooked up a story and said to their parents. The girl's father works as a watchman in an apartment which was owned by Congress leader M Ravi Goud. the Congress leader was also booked in the case. Congress leader's wife Surekha contested as a Congress candidate in the third ward of Ameenpur Municipality.

The girl met the four men while campaigning for Surekha and Surekha recorded the video of the 16-year-old that she was abducted and raped by four men and the video was shared with various news channels. Police registered a case on Ravi Goud under the POSCO Act, 509 IPC, Juvenile Justice Act and sec 21 and 22.
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