Police Touch The Feet Of Farmers In Amaravati

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The protests observed by Amaravati farmers are taking interesting turns of events from day one which has now reached 18 days till now. It has been widely reported that the police have used lathi-charge of women at Mandadam village who were staging a protest to oppose the idea to have three capitals.

The farmers had decided to go for non-cooperation and decided not to supply food, drinking water, tea and snacks to the police personnel who were deployed at the villages to take the situation into control.

On Saturday there was a complete bund in Amaravati as the Education institutions, banks, and all the shops were shut down. With Saturday and Sunday off Secretariat was anyways closed.

As a response to the alleged lathi-charge on women on Friday, the villagers of Mandadam did not allow the police to enter their village. Police were not allowed to take rest on the pavement of shops and houses of villagers.

This made the cops to request the villagers to please cooperate with them and let them do their duty peacefully.

A senior officer who was deployed there has apologized to the villagers for the harsh behavior with women of the village and even touch the feet of the protestors.
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