Police Help Former Naxals Become Proud 'Fathers'

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Making the Maoists shun the gun and join the mainstream is one thing, truely rehabilitating them is another thing. Most Maoists, especially the male Naxals, face a strange problem. During their underground life, they are asked to undergo vasectomy to make sure that they do not beget children. No-children only means that they would be able to focus fully on the party work and need not bother about daily family chores.

But, once they retire, most Naxals get married. Getting a girl of their choice is no problem, but begetting children is the biggest problem due to the vasectomy performed on them. They would not be able father children. So, the Maharashtra police have included recanalisation surgery as part of the surrender package. Every maoist, who surrenders, will be subjected the the recanalisation surgery which will make the vas deference, the duct that carries the spermatozoa to the ovum, will become functional. The Maharashtra police have got the recanalisation surgeries performed on over 35 Maoists so far. This, in fact, is part of the surrender package given to any Naxaliste who surrenders.

Most Maoists are finding the second part of the surrender package very interesting. They feel this surgery will give them a new lease of life. At least two of the recently surrendered Naxals have become pround fathers thanks to the police help.
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