Atchen Naidu In Deep Trouble Over Attack On Cops

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Former minister and TDP motor-mouth K Atchen Naidu is in deep trouble now. After the video where he abused the police by their caste and called them useless fellows, went viral, he is now facing severe criticism from general public and the police personnel alike. Atchen Naidu abused  the police and warned SP Vikrant Patil. He used abusive words for the SP too.

The police officers association has taken a serious view of Atchen Naidu's comments. The association and its state president Srinivasa Rao took serious exception to the comments. He said the former minister should know that Section 144 was in force and should know how the section operates. He also reminded Atchen Naidu that the police have saved him several times in the past. During the last elections, it were the police who saved him from the angry crowds who caught him while he tried to rig the elections.

Srinivasa Rao said while a police official can become an MLA or MP, can an MLA or MP ever become a CI. He said he would soon lodge a complaint against the former minister with the DGP and the higher officials.
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