Pilli Subhash Still Considers Thota His Enemy

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That Thota Trimurthulu, who has just joined the YSRCP, and deputy CM Pilli Subhash Chandra Bose are inveterate political enemies is common knowledge. They fought each other for years. In fact, Pilli Subhash Chandra Bose is the main stay for the case against Thota Trimurthulu  over tonsuring of Dalits in Ramachandrapuram. So, one expected that they would bury the hatchet and before friends now that both are in the same party.

But, Pilli Subhash has made it clear that despite being in the same party, he would oppose Thota Trimurthulu tooth and nail in the case. He also told the Dalits that there was no question of yielding any quarter for Thota Trimurthulu. He said the case would continue and added that he would try to ensure maximum punishment for Thota.

On Wednesday, Pilli categorically said that he would oppose Thota as usual and that there would be no compromise with him. This has come as a great succour for the Dalit leadership, which was apprehensive that the cases would now be watered down as both are in the same party. Pilli said there would be no respite for Thota.
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