Pic Talk: Steamy singer's sensual bikini click!

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Not many playback singers tend to flaunt their glamorous side but talented singer Neha Basin is not like others. She never leaves a chance to amaze people with her hot appearances.

She recently posted her steamy click in a skimpy bikini flaunting her voluptuous body. She looks stunning and what is attracting most people in this pic is her belly button which grabs your attention. The comment section is filled with people raving about it and her curvy body.

She seems to have taken fitness very seriously off late to get into such shape and she even shared her routine. She wrote, "1 month lifestyle challenge to get into better shape than this. Minor changes. 6 days a week workout. Cutting out rice ( i eat gluten free and when i am not eating mindfully i end up substituting most of my grains with rice or rice products.

So if u can eatch ypur proportions skip this part ), no junk food, meal b4 sunset, sleep on time, minimum 7 hours of sleep, meditate, once a week dessert but healthy ones, no fruits post 12pm, hydrate, eat mindfully. I anyway eat vegan n gluten free food.Who is with me?"

Neha Basin sang super hit songs in Telugu like 'Swing Zara', 'Apple Beauty', 'Aww Tuzo Mogh Korta', 'Niharika' and others. She mostly worked for Devi Sri Prasad in Telugu.
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