Photo Story: Rakul Preet Singh's "Anushka Yoga" pose!

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After reading the title, some of you might have thought that Rakul is trying to follow Anushka who's a yoga instructor, didn't you?

And some of you would have been awestruck by the pose, she pulled off and might be thinking what are the health benefits and how rightly she did and not!

And the naughty kind would have been checking the details they want to find in the image, as they do ever.

Anyways, Rakul Preet Singh seems to have taken on yoga these days and she is absolutely is in love with it. It is hard to balance your body on your head and it can lead to permanent damage of nervous system, if you fail, as much as it helps your brain to get the required blood flow.

Somehow, whenever we see Rakul these days, she has become an inspiration for fitness freaks more than people who follow her work!
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