Petition To Remove Priyanka Chopra

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Bollywood diva Priyanka Chopra has been testing her luck in Hollywood as well. Back in 2016, she turned as the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. However, her latest tweet on India-Pakistan situations has made her fans upset.

Her tweet is indirectly encouraging a war which is why the Pakistanis filed a petition asking to remove her as the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Her fans are also commenting that she should seek peace instead of praising Indian military. So, the online petition calls for UNICEF to remove Priyanka as the ambassador. It all started when the actress tweeted, "Jai Hind" when Indian fighter jet went on to destroy Pakistan terror camps. The petition now asked her to be neutral.

"War between two nuclear powers can only lead to destruction and death. As goodwill ambassador of UNICEF, Priyanka Chopra was supposed to stay neutral and peaceful but her tweet shows otherwise" read the statement.
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