People Couldn't See My Film Because Of Kamal!

Comedian Vivek essayed a crucial role in the Tamil flick 'Vellai Pookal' directed by Vivek Elangovan. He will be seen in the character of a Investigative Cop who was assigned a tough case. US-based Techies produced this foreign-backdrop flick shot in Seattle.

During the press meet of this April 19th release, Vivek made some sensational comments. 'Few years ago, I had lot of hopes on my movie 'Naan Than Bala' which I believe is my career best. Kamal Haasan's Papanasam released all of a sudden and occupied most of the good screens. Tamil People didn't get the opportunity to watch a good movie in that way. But now, Producers of 'Vellai Pookal' assured Me a good release. It takes me to the next level as an Actor and become a trend-setting flick,' he exuded confidence.

Vivek appealed Reviewers not to disclose the final scene of 'Vellai Pookal' as any such attempt would kill the excitement of the movie buffs.

Star Studded Films crushing the low-budget movies continue to happen, be it in Tollywood or Kollywood or Bollywood. Most of the controversies in the recent years are regarding the unavailability of theatres when two or more films release at a time.