Pay At Least Rs 19,572 For Graduates: SC Tells Govt

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The Supreme Court ordered the Delhi Government to implement the notification issued on March 3rd, 2017 without fail. In addition, Apex Court told decision on the appeals filed by factory owners and employers in this case should be taken as early as possible.

In 2017, Delhi Government issued a notification offering an increment of 37 percent to the workers in different fields. However, Various factory owners and employers obtained a stay order from the High Court on grounds that such huge increment will be a burden on them. But now, The Supreme Court delivered an order in favour of the Workers. Appeals made by the Employers against the notification will be addressed with speedy trails.

According to the notification dated on March 3rd, 2017, Minimum Wages of various sections of workers are fixed. Have a look at them...

Unskilled Worker - Rs 14,842 per Month

Semi Skilled Worker - Rs 16,341 per Month

Skilled Worker - Rs 17,991 per Month

Minimum Wages for Staff such as Clerks and Supervisors:

Non Matriculation Staff - Rs 16,341 per Month

Matric But Non-Graduate Staff - Rs 17,991 per Month

Graduate and Above - Rs 19,572 per Month

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