Why Pawan..Why Do You Want This?

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BJP Leaders continue to test the patience of Pawan Kalyan by making him wait for days to get few appointments. To recall, Jana Sena Chief returned to Vijayawada few weeks ago after failing to get the appointment of Delhi Leaders. Now, Party Leaders fear the same scene might repeat again.

On Saturday, Jana Sena Leaders informed that Pawan Kalyan will be meeting BJP Chief Amit Shah and JP Nadda on Sunday. The appointments sought by Jana Senani are yet to be approved. As a result, Pawan Kalyan kept waiting in the national capital hoping to get what he wanted so that he could avoid becoming a laughing stock.

Jana Sainiks aren't able to understand why Pawan Kalyan has been so desperate to be in the good books of BJP Leaders even though the national party isn't a major player in AP. Political Analysts say, 2019 Elections were an eye-opener for Pawan Kalyan. He realised that running a political party won't be easy without sufficient financial support. So, The agenda is to maintain ties with BJP to create an impact at least in the next elections.
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