Has Pawan Kalyan Forgotten His Commitment To Anantapur?

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That politicians change their words is well known. Most politicians shower assurances and give promises. But, they never try to keep the word. Once the elections are over, they lapse into selective amnesia. Every politician does that. Yet, one did not expect Power Star Pawan Kalyan to do the same thing. One expected Pawan to stick to his word because he always talks about keeping the word and honouring commitments.

Two years ago, when he visited Anantapur, Pawan Kalyan has announced that he would contest from Anantapur district. But, these days, he is not even talking about it. In fact, Anantapur is not figuring in the list of probable constituencies from where he would fight the elections. From Monday, the name of Gajuwaka assembly constituency is doing rounds and it is being unofficially said that Pawan would contest from there.

So, what happened to Anantapur? Has Pawan conveniently forgotten his assurance? Why is he not even talking of Anantapur constituency? Will Pawan care to reply why he is not talking about Anantapur? If he cannot remember his commitment to Anantapur, how can we believe his other tall claims and assurances galore?
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