Pawan Kalyan's Re-Entry Letter Is Fake

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A Letter that's been in circulation on social media creates a lot of confusion in the political and film circles. As per the Letter which was projected as Pawan Kalyan's message to his Fans, Re-Entry into films will be happening soon with the choice of subject that would make them rejoice. This led to confusion because Jana Senani made tall statements about his fight for AP Capital few days ago. He pledged to launch a movement if YCP Government shifts capital to another region.

As soon as the letter went viral, Jana Sena Party issued a statement confirming it as a fake letter circulated with vested interests. It even threatened to take legal action for attempting to send wrong message into the public.

Pawan Kalyan kept maintaining that he doesn't want to go back to the Film Industry inspite of the shocking defeat in 2019 Elections. However, Speculations about his re-entry into films continue to do rounds once in a while. These baseless rumours dilute the seriousness of the political activities of Jana Senani. At some point, Pawan Kalyan has to end them forever by establishing himself as a serious politician rather than continuing as part-time politico..  

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