Pawan-Nadda Meet: Pawan To Wear Khaki Knicker?

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It now appears almost certain that younger brother Pawan Kalyan is following the footsteps of his illustrious elder brother. While elder brother Chiranjeevi merged his party into the Congress, Pawan Kalyan appears all certain to merge Jana Sena into the BJP. Pawan's recent parleys with BJP working president JP Nadda and party organising secretary BL Santosh clearly show that he is all set to merge his party into the BJP.

What will be the modalities of the merger? What position will Pawan Kalyan get in the BJP? What about diehard Congressman Nadendla Manohar? Will he too join the BJP? Will this lead to a mass movement of the Kapus towards the BJP in Andhra Pradesh? Will Pawan Kalyan be able to work the way that he knows and fly off to foreign lands at the drop of the hat as a BJP leader? Or will be work hard to comply with the party diktats? If Pawan joins the BJP, what about Chandrababu Naidu and the Jana Sena's secret understanding with the TDP? Some sections say that by merging the Jana Sena into the BJP, the latter hopes to get the Kapu community vote as both the TDP and the YSRCP have the full support of their respective communities. While Jagan is backed by the Reddys, TDP has the support from the Kamma community. Will BJP be able to set a new political agenda by taking reins of the Kapu community?

But, once he joins, will Pawan Kalyan be able to respond on communal issue. Take for instance, the Bhainsa riots. Will Pawan stand by the BJP agenda and speak in favour of the party? Will he be able speak the RSS-BJP language? There are several questions that beg for an answer. As of now, Pawan Kalyan has gone into a shell and could soon show what he is up to.
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