In Talk: Pro-TDP Camp's Trivikram Bhajana!

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No matter how many times clarifications might be issued, Few People and Organizations fail to understand or at least try to pretend that they didn't hear anything. Pawan Kalyan had informed during Jana Sena launch event itself that Trivikram had no role in his political entry. In his recent interview, Even Trivikram  maintained he knew nothing about politics and doesn't even read newspapers/watch news channels. He laughed off when media persons asked if he is penning the political speeches of PK. Had if Trivikram was really contributing for Jana Sena, Speeches of Pawan Kalyan could have been much more impactful.  

The other day, Pawan Kalyan informed SS Thaman and Ramajogayya Sastry had worked for Jana Sena Party Kavathu Song. Pro-TDP Media didn't wait for long to spread that none other than Trivikram was behind the Kavathu Song. They try to project it that way citing Thaman and Sastry worked for Trivikram's recently released flick 'Aravindha Sametha'.

PK had clearly mentioned that he knew Thaman since he worked as an Assistant of Manisharma during 'Khushi' period. Pawan and Trivikram hadn't even met each other by then. Does someone like PK need the help of a Director to get what he want from a Lyricist? At least now, Media needs to act responsibly instead of working with vested interests.
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