Pawan Trailing By...Votes In Two Segments

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Prior to the counting of votes, Most Exit Polls and Political Observers predicted victory of Pawan Kalyan in Gajuwaka is going to be a cakewalk. However, It’s a different story altogether ever since the counting began.

YCP Candidates in both Gajuwaka and Bhimavaram has been making sweat it out. After the completion of 13th Round, Pawan Kalyan is training by 4,500 votes in Gajuwaka Constituency. YCP Candidate Tippala Nagi Reddy have an upper hand.

In Bhimavaram, Jana Sena Chief is trailing by over 2,000 votes after the end of 9th round. Here, YCP Candidate Grandhi Srinivas is giving a tough fight to Powerstar.

Nobody anticipated that Pawan Kalyan will be in this kind of situation even though majority of the Exit Polls had given below 5 seats for Jana Sena. What if Jana Sena Supremo faces defeat in both the constituencies?

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