Pawan Kalyan's MLA opposes him again

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Pawan Kalyan these days is busy opposing the moving of the capital of the state from Amaravati and distributing it in three places. He is undertaking hectic touring of the Amaravati and is backing the TDP to hilt. But, his sole MLA, Rapaka Varaprasad, it seems, begs to differ. He is staunchly backing theĀ  move to have three capitals. He is directly challenging the party boss by doing this.

On Friday, he has again voiced his support for the move and said that having three capitals is a good idea as it promotes decentralisation. He said this move will bring the government close to the people. He reminded that all resources were pooled up and every development was concentrated in Hyderabad only. As a result, the state has lost heavily when the bifurcation took place. He said all the three regions of the state would achieve equal development if three capitals are formed.

He also said that he would extend his wholehearted support for all the developmental and welfare schemes that YS Jagan government would put in place. He said the Navaratna scheme is a game-changer in the state.
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