Pawan Kalyan's sensation comments on Delhi Election Results

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In recent times, Jana Sena supremo is holding meetings with the party cadre. In such latest interaction, Pawan made some sensational comments on the Aam Aadmi Party(AAM) winning the Delhi Assembly polls crushing the BJP party.

"I was completely surprised with AAP's victory in the Delhi elections. They faced a strong opponent like BJP who are our ally and yet AAP won with a stunning majority. This victory means people will vote for those parties who address their concerns and problems. They did not buy votes with money but won the people's trust with their work," Pawan Kalyan said.

Pawan went on to say that Delhi voters voted for the AAP for all the good things done by the party and advised Janasainiks to do good things rather than involving in unwanted things.

These comments have left the political circles in a state of confusion whether Pawan is happy with the AAP’s win or extremely sad with the BJP losing the elections and being restricted to the second place.
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