Pawan Kalyan's #SaveNallamala Call

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Pawan Kalyan extended his support to #SaveNallamala Campaign which is intended to stop the Uranium Mining in the Nallamala Forest Region in Nagar Kurnool. This development happened when Congress Leader V Hanumantha Rao met him to seek his support couple of days ago.

Today, Jana Senani took to Twitter to question, 'Whether Future Generations should enjoy the fruits of Golden Telangana or suffer because of the Uranium Pollution? It's time for People's Organizations and Political Parties to introspect'.

In 1852, US Government considered the proposal of buying the tribal lands for the migrants arriving to the Country. Then, Chief of Seattle wrote a letter to the US Government including a marvellous caption - 'The Earth doesn't belong to Man, Man belongs to the earth'. Pawan Kalyan shared an excerpt of this letter on his social media handle to highlight the necessity to protect the environment.

Whether Pawan Kalyan would go against the Telangana Government to stop the Uranium Mining? If he spearheads the movement, Telugu People will start taking him seriously. Let's see if Jana Sena Chief silences the critics or not!


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