Can Pawan Kalyan Solve The Telangana RTC Crisis?

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Actor-turned-Politician Pawan Kalyan who comes first to respond to the problems faced by the public is reportedly lending his support to the Telangana RTC workers.

The RTC JAC leaders met Pawan Kalyan at his residence and sought his help on the ongoing strike in Telangana. Reportedly, Pawan Kalyan agreed to raise his voice in support of the workers. He will meet KCR in a couple of days according to the media reports.

“It is not right for the government to be so adamant. I have great respect for the Chief Minister. I shall discuss their issues with the Chief Minister in two or three days. If the government still does not oblige, we will support the future course of action of the JAC," said Pawan Kalyan after meeting the JAC leaders.

The political circles have already started a debate on will KCR takes Pawan seriously. Even KCR took the orders of the High Court also very lightly. The lawyer, representing the Telangana government has told the Court that the government does not have enough money to spend 47 crores for the RTC workers demand.

Interestingly, he has announced 100 crores worth development programs for Huzur Nagar constituency.

It has been reported that the Telangana Cabinet might take place on November 2nd and the RTC issue will be the main concern. Reportedly, RTC might get privatized in Telangana.

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