PK Wants To Jump Queue To Vote, People Protest

Pawan Kalyan is doing lot of things that his illustrious brother and Megastar Chiru did. Chiru's party has fizzled out even before the elections. So did Pawan. Despite tall promises, he had to remain confined to the two constituencies he is contesting from. Similarly, Chiru's party played a spoilspot in politics.  So it is with Pawan too.

On Thursday, he made an attempt to break the queue to cast his vote in a polling booth near the Pinnamaneni Poly clinic. But, he was stopped by the voters. So, Pawan had to wait in the queue and cast his vote. Remember, even Chiru tried to do the same during the GHMC elections in Hyderabad. He tried to jump the queue, but the voters protested, forcing Chiru to wait for his turn in the queue.

Pawan's Jana Sena has become an 'also ran' even before the start of the elections. His party fizzled out and forfeited its advantages to the rivals. He could not convince the voters and present himself as a credible alternative. He has contested from both Gajuwaka and Bheemavaram seats.