Pawan To Get A New Role In BJP?

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With Pawan Kalyan allying with the BJP party, everyone talked about how Pawan can work with the BJP party which is known for its over bossism. Pawan even supported the controversial CAA bill in the press meet too.

It has been widely reported that Pawan will campaign in the support of the CAA as he enjoys a huge mass following being hailed from the film industry.

Many states across the nation are opposing the CAA bill like West Bengal and North Eastern states. To counter this, the BJP is also doing campaigns supporting the CAA bill. The party recently held a march in UP in support of the CAA.

According to some insider reports, the BJP is hatching plans to make Pawan Kalyan campaign for the CAA in southern states. It is believed that Pawan might campaign in Telangana, AP, and Karnataka.

As Janasena-BJP will start working together with the coming Municipal polls. It is believed that Pawan might start his campaign in favour of the saffron party in Telangana.

Later he might campaign in AP also to support the BJP party. It this news comes true we might witness Kanna Lakshmi Narayana and Pawan sharing one stage during campaign.
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