Pawan Kalyan Targets Tollywood For Telugu

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Pawan Kalyan kept voicing his opinion on the necessity to protect Telugu Language ever since the AP Government decided to enforce English Medium in the Municipal Schools. He wondered why the State Government ed Telugu Schools alone when there were several Schools in which classes were taught in Urdu, Tamil, Kannada and etc.,

Jana Sena Chief expressed his displeasure over the falling standards of Telugu Language in Telugu Film Industry. 'Many of the Heroes in Tollywood doesn't know how to read and write Telugu. Artistes and Technicians earn money through Telugu Movie Buffs but they don't make an effort to learn the language. Usage of cuss words in films is having a negative impact on the society. We are searching for words while speaking Mother Tongue. I feel ashamed and sad about it! Learning other languages will be easy if an individual have command on Mother Tongue. This campaign isn't for Votes, but to protect our Language and Culture,' he told apart from informing about discontinuing Intermediate due to his aversion for English Language.

Public would appreciate if Pawan Kalyan reveals the names of Heroes (in the Mega Compound) who can't read and write in their Mother Tongue. Those who watched the films of PK in the early stages of his career would surely realize the influence of Hindi & English on him. Why Powerstar is now projecting himself as a sole saviour of Telugu language?
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