Pawan Kalyan Talks About Sabarimala Issue

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Actor-turned-politician, Jana Sena Supremo Pawan Kalyan has commented on the much-disputed issue of Sabarimala. He held a meeting with party activists at Tirupati where he said a petition was filed in the apex court on the entry of women into the holy shrine.

He said responding on this issue, the Kerala court in the past said its the matter of their axiom and it has nothing to do with it. 'A few years later, the same issue went to the Supreme Court. My wife also asked me about the same issue,' Pawan said.

I have asked my wife when we went to Secunderabad Church, 'Why are you wearing a shroud on your head?'. To this she replied, it's our tradition.

'I told her every religion has its own tradition. Lord Ayyappa is a bachelor. That's why women are not allowed to enter the temple.'

' Wantedly some people have moved the court on Sabarimala issue. Leave such kind of issue. Many women also want to visit the temple but they said they will not enter the temple as they respect the tradition of the temple. Even my mother got hurt after knowing the Sabarimala issue,' he added.

Everyone should follow the rules if they want to enter the Tirupati temple. The propaganda of other religions should not be allowed there. I will not accept it if anyone says Jai Bhavani in Kadapa Dargah. I will not accept even if someone says Hare Rama in Church.
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