Took Just 15 Minutes To Forget About Defeat: PK

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Pawan Kalyan opened up on the dismal performance of Jana Sena Party in 2019 Elections while taking part in Telugu Association of North America (TANA) Celebrations 2019. 'Took Just 15 Minutes To Forget About Defeat. I knew in advance that I am going to face defeat. Whenever I go, Lakhs of people used to come to see Me. Party Leaders used to say that I would be winning but I didn't believe their predictions. Why because, I was used to watching such huge number of people,' he said.

Jana Sena Chief refrained from listing out the reasons behind the humiliating defeat: 'I can quote many reasons for the defeat but won't do it. Why because, We think about reasons only when there is fear in our heart. I hadn't forayed into politics by getting involved in scams. Choose this path as I believed in serving the people, will be happy even if I face defeat. I don't like thinking about failure all the time'.

Powerstar advised Jana Sainiks not to waste their energy by shouting unnecessarily or getting involved in mindless debates on social media. Instead, He want the party supporters to use their power for a good cause.
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