I Was Asked To Dethrone CBN, Befriend Jagan: PK

Pawan Kalyan disclosed he was approached by few people in Telangana seeking his contribution for dethroning Chandrababu Naidu from power. In addition, He was asked to enter into a deal with YS Jaganmohan Reddy. Here is the proposal - 'First of all, Ensure that there is no TDP in Andhra Pradesh. Thereafter, Both of you could strike a deal'.

Jana Sena Chief questioned the Mediators how could he change the kind of impression he had on YS Jaganmohan Reddy. He made it clear to them that he has no intention to strike a deal with YCP Chief.

Pawan Kalyan told Andhrites are well aware of the deal between YSR Congress and TRS.  

Responding on the 'Return Gift' promised by KCR, Jana Sena Supremo opined Telangana CM might end up offering 'gift' to Chandrababu Naidu.