Stop Aping Babu, Post Own Tweets Pawan Sir!!

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Jana Sena chief Pavan Kalyan seems to be paying for blindly following TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu on all things. He is getting brick-bats for some of his comments, which were almost true copies of Chandrababu's statements. On the issue of the introduction of the English medium in the schools, Pavan has blindly followed Chandrababu. He did not apply mind on the issue. As a result, his statements on the introduction of the  English medium made waves among the political class but the people at large slammed him.  Chandrababu too faced flak for his mindless tweets. Pawan too is slamming the government on the same issue. Interestingly, he is shooting off tweet after tweet on the issue and is finding fault with the government's decision.

Interestingly, Pawan Kalyan is not replying to the questions raised by the general public. But, these days, he too seems to be mending his ways. In his latest tweet, he said he was not against the introduction of the English medium, but only supported Telugu as a medium of conversation. This confusion only shows that both Pawan and Chandrababu Naidu want to criticise the YSRCP government on some pretext or the other.  In all these, Pawan is blindly aping Chandrababu.

Pawan is not even thinking of the possible repercussions of what he says. He is not aware of the consequences of his tweets. Isn't it better if Pawan realises that films and politics are as different as chalk and cheese. In films, you may have several retakes. But, in politics, everything has to be done in a single take. There are no double takes.

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