It's Official!! Pawan - BJP Are An Item

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It's now official. Jana Sena and its chief Pawan Kalyan are in alliance with the BJP in Andhra Pradesh. Together, they both will fight the YSRCP government. At the same time, they both will keep the TDP at bay. There would be no alliance whatsoever with the TDP. The Jana Sena and the BJP have held a key meeting on Thursday (January 15) to cobble up an alliance. They will take up people's issues and fight against the YSRCP government.

Both Pawan and BJP AP chief Kanna Lakshminarayana have said that there is a scope for a third political alternative in the state. Pawan said that he was aligning with the BJP as the state was suffering from a "selfish and partisan" misrule. Interestingly, the BjP did not talk about the issue of the shifting of the capital. It steered clear of the issue. Pawan has just said that the government was killing the aspirations of the people on the issue of AP capital and did not say a thing on its shifting.

However, senior party leader and Rajya Sabha MP from the BJP GVL Narasihma Rao has categorically said that the alliance was with only Jana Sena and that there was no question of joining hands with the TDP. He said that the BJP was equally opposed to both the YSRCP as well as the TDP. This has proved to be a dampener for all those who hoped that the BJP would allow the TDP too into its fold.

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