Pawan Kalyan Again Takes A Late Decision

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Pawan Kalyan who is known as a fierce leader lacks execution of his effective plans. Starting with Amaravati issue during the regime of the previous TDP government and 'Three Capitals' issue in the present YSRCP government.

Pawan tends to react to issues a bit lately. If we go back once when the TSRTC employees were protesting to demanding the government to merge the RTC into the government, Pawan assured that he will fight for them and by the time he responded the RTC issue was closed.

Talking about the much talked about Three Capitals, the opposition TDP is fighting its level best on this row and even moved the Legislative Council to give a temporary halt on the 'Three Capitals'.TDP is making sure to keep the flame burning.

With the protests observed by the Amravati farmers has reached 37 days, Pawan assured that he will make sure that Amaravati will be the state capital and three capitals will not be the scene in the state.

Pawan announced that he will hold a long march on February 2 in Vijayawada in favour of the 'Amaravati' which will mark the 47th day of the protests. Political circles are citing that this is Pawan's gimmick to sidetrack the issue and gain some political mileage.

Let's see if Pawan takes this capital row as a serious issue or follows his tendency and sidetracks this issue too.

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