Pawan And Rajni In Favour Of BJP?

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The controversial CAA and NCR bills have resulted in violent protests and unrest across the nation. Places like Delhi and Bhuvaneshwar are still witnessing strong backlash for the bill with the opposition too participating in the protests.

Film actors like Prakash Raj and Swara Bhaskar have been very vocal on the CAA and NCR citing that the bills are against the Muslims.

Now two superstars from the down South Rajinikanth and Pawan Kalyan have backed the CAA and NCR bills and said the same statements that with the bills no Muslims will be affected and if any Muslims face any issues with this, they will be the first one to respond on this.

As Pawan Kalyan has already allied with the saffron party he has to back the party's decision, as a result, he even termed the Union Budget 2020-21 as pro-poor.

Now Its Rajinikanth's turn to back the bills. This lead to a wide range of speculation that Thalaivar might also either form an alliance or join the saffron party. Rajini's star power might help the BJP to gain some political mileage.
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