Priyanka's Cousin Talks About Depression!

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Priyanka Chopra's cousin, Parineethi Chopra turned into a heroine and proved herself in variety of films too. But like Deepika Padukone, she also revealed that she went through depression. .

Deepika Padukone few years ago stated that being famous and being torn apart by several situations in life gave rise to be nasty depression which she powered through in her life.

She opened a good conversation on the topic in India and the taboo on the topic slowly disappeared.

Parineethi Chopra also admitted that she went through depression for sometime due to financial problems few years back.

She is coming with Jabriya Jodi alongside Siddharth Malhotra on 9th August and revealed that she invested her money in different life term assets and that resulted in lack of liquid cash in her hands when she couldn't get offers due to lack of hits.

She used stay home and her friends, family members helped her to come out of it and find work, again, it seems.

Well, we all can understand that financial support is key for a person to look at his or her life in a more positive way and hope, she never has to go through that situation again.