CPM's Shameless Act Makes Its Leaders Jokers

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It's a complete loss of face for the CPM in not just poll-bound Huzurabad, but also across the Telangana. The party had ignored the requests of both the Congress and the TRS for support and announced amid much fanfare that it would put up a candidate for Huzuarabad assembly constituency bypolls. But, the nominations filed by party's candidate Parepalli Sekhar Rao was found incomplete and was promptly rejected.

Now, Parepalli Sekhar Rao is no greenhorn in politics. He had unsuccessfully contested twice from the same constituency and knows the procedures to be followed while filing nominations. It was clear that the party unit in Huzurabad had entered into some kind of underhand dealing with the TRS. But, this has also led to massive criticism from the rank and file of the party. Now, to cover up its shame, the CPM has "suspended" Parepalli Sekhar Rao and removed district CPM general secretary  Mulkalapally Ramulu, who was in-charge of the bypoll. The party has also announced that it would support the candidate of Telangana Praja Party.

Now, this is even shameless, say CPM watchers. Firstly, the duo that was responsible for the fiasco, has only been suspended, not dismissed from the party. This only shows that there is a tacit arrangement between the CPM and the TRS the CPM was indirectly helping the TRS by not putting up a candidate. Secondly, supporting Telangana Praja Party is meaningless as it stands no chances of winning the election. Thus, indirectly, the CPM is shamelessly helping the TRS, which is coming down so heavily against the RTC employees.
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